Expectant mothers in India can now access babybubble app in Hindi

Support for expectant and new mothers in India

Babybubble, the Swedish mom-tech app, has announced the launch of its free version in Hindi, catering to expectant and new mothers in India. The app, which aims to make information for new mothers more transparent by allowing moms around the world to share their experiences, has been previously available in English.

Hindi speaking moms

The move to offer the app in Hindi is a significant step towards babybubble’s mission to make its services accessible to as many mothers as possible, regardless of language or financial barriers. The team behind babybubble believes that access to information and support during pregnancy and early motherhood is a fundamental human right.

Anna Stålberg Halling and Paula Dahlström – babybubble co-founders

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our services in Hindi, as it allows us to reach an even wider audience of expectant and new mothers in India,” said Paula Dahlström, one of the founders of babybubble. “We believe that access to information and support during this crucial time should be available to all mothers, regardless of their financial or language background. With the launch of the Hindi version, we are one step closer to achieving this goal.”

Designed for moms

With a user-friendly design, the creators of the app aim to make it easy for new and expectant mothers to access vital information, even when they may be feeling sleep deprived or overwhelmed. The app is intuitively designed so that users don’t need to know exactly what they’re looking for – by simply clicking on relevant topics, they’ll be guided to the most important facts and information that new mothers often miss or undervalue.

Global reach

Babybubble’s expansion into India is part of the company’s larger strategy to make its services available in as many regions as possible. The team behind babybubble is constantly working to improve the app and make it available in more languages, with the ultimate goal of reaching mothers in every corner of the world.

It is important that new moms have access to resources, support and information, regardless of location or financial situation. The move to offer the app in Hindi is a positive step towards achieving that goal and we encourage you to support babybubble in their mission to support moms globally.