The Swedish femtech app babybubble aims to support moms globally – and by downloading the app so are you.

As we hit a new milestone together, we will translate the app and offer it for free in a language in a region where normally this information may be unaffordable.

First milestone

First goal and promise:

Once we reach 10,000 downloads worldwide we will translate babybubble to Hindi and offer it for free across India.

We reached our first milestone halfway through 2022 and are now offering a free version of the app in India and are on our way to translate the app to Hindi. We are also offering babybubble for free in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Second milestone

Second goal and promise:

Once we reach 5,000 users who have paid to download the app, we will translate babybubble to Portuguese and offer it for free across Angola, Brazil & Mozambique.

Help us reach our goal and support moms globally by downloading babybubble on App Store or Google Play Store.

To protect the integrity of the information in the app, we do not accept sponsored content or ads in the app. This is something that we (the founders of babybubble) were missing in other apps as new moms ourselves. We have therefore chosen the most transparent and straightforward revenue model: Pay to download (and we will not sell your user data now or in the future.)

What this means is; if you can afford it, you pay a small fee to download the app so we can make the app available to you as well as to moms elsewhere who can’t pay.

We rely solely on users who pay to download to make babybubble possible.

Join us to share what you wish someone had told you when you were expecting or just had your baby!

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