We are on a mission to improve women’s well-being as they go through the transformation of becoming mothers. We do so by sharing transparent, brief, unbiased advice on fertility, pregnancy, babies and motherhood.

Vetted mom-advice

Our app babybubble welcomes women from around the world to co-create our content with us. By sharing your stories, you can help and support other women who are going through what you’ve already experienced.


Our vision is to improve the lives of children and their families, and our mission is to reach that vision by empowering the mom. Any decision we take, we do with the child’s best interest in mind. We put children first, and we do so for the love of babies everywhere.

Help yourself, before you can help others

Through empowering expectant and new mothers with knowledge, we support their well-being. 

Safe and vetted advice

Our app contains vetted advice on safety, health and happiness related to fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Our focus lies on information that is often underestimated or missed.

What bubble?

We cover the transforming journey a woman goes through when becoming a mother. The experience usually peaks in the so-called “baby bubble” when the parent enters a new reality and her life is changed forever. However, as all moms know, the story, adventure and challenges continues beyond the baby bubble, hence, you are as welcome to be part of babybubble with an older child, as you are before you have become pregnant.

With love and support,


The free version of babybubble was rolled out worldwide by end of April 2023.

We encourage you to reach out to us with your ideas of how we can improve and support moms even better. Send your thoughts, feedback and ideas here. And share your best advice on fertility, pregnancy and motherhood here. Thank you ❤️

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