Safe parenting

Our expert panel at babybubble is made up of practicing Swedish pediatric nurses who work with mothers, babies, and families daily. All advice on babybubble is vetted by our expert panel before being published.

Vetted advice from mothers around the world

As mothers ourselves, we found it difficult to navigate through the unvetted parenting advice found in online forums and blogs, as well as in literature and magazines. Subjective opinions can be interesting, but limiting. Following unvetted advice involves risks.

With so much information available on pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and motherhood, it’s easy to miss important facts.

Transparent, universal advice for mothers

We also noticed how advice varied across different countries and saw how countries, like people, can be subjective in their advice. Same baby, different advice, depending on where you live.

Since we couldn’t find an overview of a variation of different ideas, experiences and life-hacks for pregnant women and new mothers around the world, we created babybubble.

Expert panel for safe parenting

Since our very first day, our expert panel has played a crucial role. Any advice must pass through the expert panel before making it to the babybubble app. This ensures that all tips are safe to try and are likely to be useful and helpful for many.

Download babybubble on the App Store and Google Play Store to read more about what is often overlooked or missed related to pregnancy, babies, and motherhood. We are a community of mothers collecting advice we wish someone had shared with us.

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