September 2022

When we launched our Swedish femtech app babybubble at the end of 2021, we had no idea that we would have our largest user base in Bangladesh six months later.

One of the biggest joys of shooting from the hip when laying your global online marketing strategy, is that you don’t know where you’re going to end up. Working at a startup might sound adventurous enough – but this really takes it to the next level.

Our first promise

When we started, we promised our users that once we reach our first milestone of 10,000 downloads, we would translate the app into Hindi and offer it for free across India.

One of those random days when we were shooting from the hip, we decided to offer the app for free in Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We did this for two reasons. First, with our very limited marketing budget, we wanted to test promoting a free version of the app in a number of regions. (In the rest of the world, you pay to download the app.)

Second, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh already qualified for the list of countries where we already planned to offer the app for free in the future.

Unbiased vetted advice

To protect the integrity of the information in the app, we do not accept sponsored content or ads in the app. This is something that we, the founders of babybubble were missing in other apps as new moms ourselves. We have therefore chosen the most transparent and straightforward revenue model: Pay to download (and we will not sell your user data now or in the future.) What this means is; if you can afford it, you pay a small fee to download the app so we can make the app available to you as well as to moms elsewhere who can’t pay.

Co-created with you

We rely solely on users who pay to download to make babybubble possible. Because babybubble is crowdsourced and our community creates the content by sharing what they wish someone had told them when they were expecting or just had their baby, we all benefit if we’re all in it together. The more moms on babybubble, the greater the chance to reveal what information about pregnancy and motherhood is most often underestimated or missed.

Keeping our promise

The babybubble app is now available for free in India and we are working on translating the content into Hindi. By the end of August 2022, we reached 17,000 downloads worldwide – including 16,000 in Bangladesh. We are currently deciding on a new milestone with a matching new promise. If you have an opinion on what it should be, don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing

Join our community of mothers

The babybubble app is available for iPhone and Android worldwide.

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