A Personalised Intensive Course with Filippa from MoonRise

Filippa Odevall MoonRise Co-Founder

Filippa Odevall is a Swedish entrepreneur, yoga teacher and author, who has written yoga books for children and trained thousands of children, preschool and elementary school teachers in yoga for children.

After having two children of her own and suffering from a 3rd degree pelvic organ prolapse, she refused to give up. The methods that are now the foundation of MoonRise are what helped Filippa heal naturally from prolapse, without any need for surgery.

Filippa founded MoonRise together with her husband, and she trains the participants of the Pelvic Health Program personally!

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The course includes
  • Personalised coaching plan: Customised to your needs & condition
  • Follow-along videos from home: 15 minutes/day, do them anytime
  • 1-1 personal video check-ins and onboarding
  • Community Activities, group calls & live Q&A sessions
  • New content and course releases
Heal prolapse
Personalised Intensive Course with Filippa from MoonRise
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Setting the right expectations

Results in your pelvic health journey are deeply personal and can take time. Some experience positive changes within 3-6 weeks, while others may see remarkable transformations after 3-6 months of dedicated practice. MoonRise recommends a minimum commitment of just 10 minutes per day for 3-6 months, but remember, your path to wellness is as unique as you are.

Start your healing journey today!

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