Track your period, ovulation and pregnancy

Flo makes tracking periods, ovulation, and conception simple. Track your menstrual cycle, get accurate predictions and navigate your pregnancy journey with clarity and support using Flo. This app simplifies the complex nature of conception by offering personalized tracking and expert insights, tailored to your cycle.

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We have chosen to partner with Flo since we believe they might be able to help you. As their partner, we receive compensation if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.

Flo compliment us perfectly

Since we do not offer any type of personalized tracking in the babybubble app, Flo fills an important gap in our quest to offer a complete guide to fertility, pregnancy, babies and motherhood, not only through babybubble but also by our handpicked partners. This is the reason why we have chosen to partner with Flo and recommend it to our babybubble users. We believe Flo is currently one of the best trackers on the market.

In September 2022, Flo launched a feature called “Anonymous Mode.” This setting enables users to engage with the app without connecting their name, email address, or technical identifiers with their health data. At babybubble, we prioritize the privacy and integrity of our users and their families above all else. This is why we find this feature particularly significant and are pleased to see Flo sharing our commitment to this mission.

88% of users said Flo helped them prepare for a healthy pregnancy (according to Flo’s internal research with self-reported data from 2539 participants, 2021-2022.)

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